About Us

It is a puzzle platformer combined with runner mechanics. By touching some tiles, the player changes the platform making the character jump, invert gravity or turn around. The player controls the path of a disco-dancer toward his girlfriend collecting discs and avoiding security guards. Disco Party is an innovating game for mobile devices.

Runnedress it´s a new addictive game from Golden Bite Games. No matter if you like Chess or not, we take the essence and the fun of Chess, to develop an innovative way to learn and play it.

Pedestals is a mobile one tap jumping game. You have to calculate the distance and strenght between the platforms, by holding the height of the column. It is really engaging, addictive!


We are a small independent game studio, from Montevideo, Uruguay.
We develop games for mobile, web and PC, focusing on making original and addict.

Gabriel Vainsencher


He´s the meeting guy. He loves to think new mechanics for everything and talk about soccer.

Alvin Infante


Nobody knows his real name. He´s just Alvin. When he´s not programming he plays Pokemon Go smoking a cuban cigar. He cannot live without coffee.

Santiago Sierra


Santi is a multifunctional swiss army knife or a secret agent. He can fix everything like a ninja and you never going to hear about him.

Georgine Herbig


Artist by day, vampire by night. She loves to draw, animate and paint even when she´s resting. Also makes excellent chocolate and carrot cake!

Pablo Marquez

Pablo is a muggle wizard: he´s always with a deck of cards but no one knows his tricks.